About Us

Superior Business Performance with Targeted Precision

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Limaton offers first-class digital marketing services to business ventures in various industries. Our results-oriented approach is at the foundation of the business solutions Limaton provides and helps us with achieving the performance our partners and we aim for. Digital marketing is an extremely dynamic area and at Limaton we are happy to always lead and innovate, while at same time focusing on delivering stability and predictability for our clients.

Limaton’s scope of operations is centered around advanced digital marketing services, designed to expand your business. We do so by increasing brand awareness to engage a wider target audience with a range of advertising strategies. Highly creative and technically adept with a strong understanding for business development, our team is capable to seamlessly pull-off complex digital marketing and advertising tasks. At Limaton, we employ leading tools and techniques for strategic brand and project management, social media buying, as well as marketing content optimization to offer a most complete set of operations.

Some of the qualities of Limaton we take great pride in is the depth of our services, resolving complex issues, which hinder a business’s growth. The challenges we find comprehensive answers to range from creative assignments through technical development to specific business and project management obstacles. Our end goal has always been to identify where and why your business lacks efficient advertising and propose the most effective mix of marketing strategies.