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Limaton has assembled a range of digital marketing services with the sole aim to deliver solutions to a number of advertising challenges a business experiences. We put our focus on fundamental services of various nature – creative, technical, and managerial, while also bringing a signature, innovative twist.

One the most efficient practices when it comes to digital marketing and advertising is engaging with social media platforms and media outlets to gain exposure for your business’s services and products. At Limaton, we are masters of this strategy, commonly known as Media Buying – we partner with leading, reputable publishers and content distribution networks.

Moreover, we have vast experience in advertising across popular social networks as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and the like. Our services can assist you in preparing regular posts, targeting specific demographics, tracking outreach and numerous other metrics to help you analyze how efficient your marketing campaign is. Media Buying strategies work similarly to investing and our team can also help you optimize costs and track ROI rates – our mission is always is to find the most effective way to market your business.


As an expert in digital marketing Project Management, Limaton is happy to take the weight off your shoulders in organizing and executing a flawless advertising campaign. We will support all stages of your marketing project – from initiating and planning to executing, monitoring, controlling, and finalizing.

Our project management service will help you in establishing the feasibility and expected value of a certain digital marketing project. As soon as we confirm the expected return upon completing the project, detailed planning will begin, including delegating human, technical and financial resources, and providing a timeframe. When it comes to the crucial phases of execution, monitoring and control, Limaton puts great effort in measuring key performance indicators, tracking variations and overseeing progress. Finally, upon completion, we will evaluate and document our performance, so to deliver extensive feedback and avoid dislocation of future efforts and resources.

High-quality website content can do wonders for your business and services, and Limaton can help you enhance this further with extensive Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Our team will support you with optimizing your content for leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others. We specialize in both creative on-page SEO and more technical off-page SEO practices to deliver high rates of organic engagement and conversion from customers.

Our SEO/SEM service will make sure your business really stands out in a competitive, saturated market environment and just as importantly – it can create interest in your brand and trust in your prospective and existing clients, as you continually feed them with targeted, yet relevant information. This is a crucial step in improving brand awareness and creating loyal customers in an elegant, non-intrusive fashion.


Your products and services are the essence of your business, and Limaton’s strategic brand management can help you achieve your potential to the fullest, by developing your venture and establishing a desired image. Brand Strategy is paramount to attracting and retaining clientele, by intelligently shaping and polishing how the public perceives your venture.

Limaton manages this complex task with techniques to increase the perceived value and recognition of your brand and ensure the innovation of your services. We will help you establish and maintain a firm market position, by sending out a consistent brand message, so to better relate with target audiences. Our service will help you manage both tangible properties, such as pricing and design features, as well as intangible aspects like purchasing experience and how your clients act towards your business.